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7 reasons for setting up a dropshipping furniture shopJul 02, 2017 // Modified 9 months age

You are clearly thinking about starting a dropshipping business, and you may already be thinking of creating a furniture dropshipping shop or a dropshipping decoration business, hence you are reading this post.


If so, we encourage you to start, it is an exciting world that will not disappoint you.

In other occasions, we have already commented on the importance of choosing the ideal dropshipping provider to make your business a success. However, the first decision that you will have to make is to choose which products you’ll have in that business. From our experience as decoration wholesaler and, of course, as providers of a wide furniture dropshipping service, with about 1,000 products in this sector, we would like to show you the many reasons to embark on this adventure.

Without a doubt, opting for a dropshipping of furniture is an option that can have great results, we’ll show you why!


1. It is a sector in constant growth and evolution

The latest figures and statistics say the furniture sector is booming, especially thanks to e-commerce.

According to vente-privee.com, 45% of online buyers in Spain are already buying furniture and decorative items through online stores. Interesting, right? It may also enlighten you to know that, according to the National Commission of Markets and Competition, the sale of articles in this sector amounted to 26 million euros last year, 34% more than in 2015, corresponding to an 18% of online sales.

With these data, starting a furniture dropshipping is an almost certain win. The same applies if you were considering the dropshipping home decoration option, although the average outlay for the latter is less, not exceeding 93€.

If you haven’t quite got the picture, other statistics show that 28% of Spanish consumers have bought some type of furniture. Do you need more data?

At BigBuy we are perfectly aware of the exponential growth and the constant evolution of this sector, as it occupies an ever more extensive place on the web, so from the beginning we have offered dropshipping of furniture, increasing our products and coverage day after day.


2. Customers bet on the online purchase of furniture

As we have already mentioned, the large surfaces dedicated to furniture are losing ground in favour of options such as e-commerce, with customers a big reason behind this trend.

Users have decided to enter it with an overwhelming force, creating a powerful market niche. These users look for information in the form of catalogues, good value for money, catching up on trends, comfort in not having to travel or move furniture in a particular vehicle, speed and variety. As you can imagine, all this is offered by a furniture dropshipping.

Therefore, from BigBuy we champion the benefits of a furniture dropshipping, both for consumers and for you. They will find more possibilities and you will take advantage of the great moment that the sector is experiencing. We will take care of covering the demands mentioned above, from offering trends to seeking the best value for money, to help you be a success.


3. These products are on demand throughout the year

Although fairly obvious, it’s good to remember the importance of furniture in our day to day. It is one of the essential elements in the home, defining the way of life of a large part of the population.

Furniture dropshipping is a business that always has customers, no matter what time of year it is, so at BigBuy we believe it is an option that can have excellent results. This is even truer now that a culture of furniture renovation has been established that did not exist before, so consumers buy furniture more frequently.

With our dropshipping service we assure you constant stock in continued renewal, in order to meet consumer demands, and follow market trends.


4. They are usually bulky and heavy products

Here resides one of the great advantages of making furniture dropshipping, although you can also find it in the dropshipping of decoration.

Furniture is frequently bulky and heavy. Our dropshipping service is an effective way to reduce the costs of your business, both when it comes to shipping and, above all, when it comes to storage and logistics.

Opening a dropshipping furniture store with BigBuy will allow you to forget about these complicated and tedious processes, so you only have to worry about selling.


5. It’s easy and profitable to choose a microniche

Because one of the main characteristics of the furniture sector is the variety of products, the possibilities multiply for you when you choose differentiation.

This variety has allowed users to develop a specific taste, such as design furniture, tending to browse specialised or thematic websites. Specialisation within the furniture sector can go as far as you wish, even focusing your furniture dropshipping business in armchairs, rocking chairs and sofas, for example.

At BigBuy we cover a wide range of products related to furniture, such as trunks, shelves, bedside tables, organisers, relax armchairs or shoe racks. With all these possibilities, it is up to you to find out which sub-sector can bring more benefits or which one you feel most comfortable with.


6. Enables expansion to other sectors/markets

You may want to expand your store to other markets in the future, but don’t worry, your dropshipping furniture business is a great asset in these cases.

Undoubtedly, an option with great possibilities would be to combine your store with a dropshipping decoration business, a guaranteed success! You could even cover sectors such as digital home or lighting, there is a whole world to choose from.

At BigBuy we make it easy for you thanks to our wide variety of products, as we are furniture wholesalers and we also offer items of decoration wholesale, among other sectors. You will therefore reduce risk to a minimum, since you will already know us and you won’t have to diversify your suppliers, exposing yourself to possible problems and misunderstandings.


7. Large variety of furniture dropshipping suppliers

Due to the growth and renovation that the sector is experiencing, you will find a great variety of furniture dropshipping suppliers, some of them also offering decoration dropshipping, so your next objective is: choose the best furniture wholesaler, based on trust, services and quality.

With the experience we have acquired over the years, at BigBuy we can say that we work with quality products, without neglecting the trends and all the complementary products that you may need in your business, from screens to coat racks, without forgetting the possibility of doing dropshipping of decoration.

You can trust our knowledge in the sector, and we also provide many other ranges, accumulating more than 20,000 references.


With all this information at hand, it’s up to you now to decide whether to set up a dropshipping furniture shop. If you have already made a decision, at BigBuy you have a team that will walk along with you, because as a dropshipping provider we know that everything is easier if you have someone to help you. Ready for the challenge?


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