Our Story

     We have been specializing in bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and small office furniture. We take pride in the fact that our retailer customers trust us, as they know our true intention is to see their business grow. As we often say, we do not want to simply sell to your company, we want us to be business partners and eventually become a family.

     The level of commitment and loyalty we possess has been throughout all those years, the backbone of our success. Indeed, it has been a beautiful journey. For more than 24 years, our customers have held our hands to help us grow, and we have done the same for them. As the market is getting more competitive, and as other furniture wholesalers like us are shutting their doors, your loyalty has kept us going stronger. Hence, we will continue to improve our ability to provide the most affordable and beautifully designed furniture products for your resale business.

     PJ Warehouse is now looking towards the future, implementing technology as the cornerstone of the company in order to offer a more reliable and more seamless customer service. We have recently started a drop-shipping department to help people like you get into the E-Commerce world. Our website has recently been updated, and you will now have access to our drop-shipping program and online "shopping" cart features. 




Top Facility

We are grateful to have you as our customers, and we say cheers to another 24 years of partnership!