Why PJ Warehouse ?

We want to be more than business partners, we want to be family.

We have been serving a large community of furniture retailer stores for more than 24 years.

We provide you dedicated services with loyalty and care. Our customer service team is always available to receive your call and to ensure your satisfaction.
Our products are the perfect combination of design, quality, and affordability. We are confident in our pricing, as we know our product's quality is what differs us from our competitors.

We spend the time to inspect the international market of manufacturers and use our knowledge of the business to identify the best products that can attract your customer's attention so you can sell more.

We also provide you with data analytics information, letting you know which products your competitors are selling the most in your area, so you can rethink your purchasing strategies.

Now and then, you will receive educative emails from our team, sharing with you some sales and marketing tips that can grow your business and help you get to the next step.

For our retailers, we own a state-of-the-art warehouse, and a team of dedicated truck drivers, who will ensure a fast delivery of your merchandise. We are working on providing you with tracking features, so you can right from your phone have an estimation, of how long it will take for you to receive your packages.

We are constantly brainstorming on how we can improve our services, so you can get a better experience working with us.

Last but not least, our company is based on loyalty and family values. We love what we are doing, and we love working with small businesses like yours. We can't wait for you to be a part of our family.

What do you need to apply for our drop-ship program?

You do not need to do much! Register and fill out our form, make sure you have a valid Re-Sale ID. Afterward, one of our associates will be in touch with you.

How can I apply for a Re-Sale ID?

You can find more information on how to apply based on this website here.